Purifying parks: Lubbock community comes together to clean clapp park

The Purifying Parks: Clapp Park cleanup on November 12th was a huge success! Over 100 people of all ages took time out of their Saturday to come together and beautify one of our Lubbock parks. In just two hours we collected over 2000 gallons of trash. Thank you all for making a difference in our Lubbock community!


Fox 34 News- Clapp Park Clean Up

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Recycling at the First Friday Art Trail!

The Lubbock First Friday Art Trail recycles! Good Earth Recycling now provides the Art Trail with recycling service. Look out for recycling bins every first Friday!

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Teaming up with Texas Tech Society groups

Good Earth has proudly teamed up with the Texas Tech Society of Environmental Professionals and the Texas Tech Society for Conservation Biology. Both groups will participate in Purifying Parks cleanups and have hosted Good Earth Recycling as their guest speaker!

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 News Coverage:


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Lubbock Avalanche Journal

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KLBK 6 O'Clock News

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Purifying parks is a program we have put together to help clean the parks in Lubbock by working with volunteers to collect park litter. Lubbock is a beautiful city and we want our parks to reflect that same beauty. Let's make these places as enjoyable as possible by cleaning up Lubbock, one park at a time.

Mae Simmons Park Event: 

Saturday, August 13 was our first event, where we cleaned up Mae Simmons Park along side locals as well as the local clubs: The Lubbock Wind Riders Disc Golf club and The Texas Tech Society of Conservative Biology.

Mae Simmons is one of the most popular parks in Lubbock for disk golfing and hiking. Over 30 people volunteered to help clean up the litter and over the course of three hours, we collected 42, fifty gallon bags of waste from the park. The change in the park from just this small effort was dramatic.

See pictures from the event below and click to see more!

Most of the garbage collected at Mae Simmons was recyclable. By handing our waste responsibly, we can all make an impact! 

If you would like to help make a personal impact on Lubbock through recycling,

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